Our concept

Our Maestro Pizzaiolo's pizza reflects all the characteristics of traditional Neapolitan pizza. Good hydration, long hours of natural leavening, the choice of raw materials, and baking in the oven at the right temperature give our pizza an exceptional flavor. It's the flavor of Naples itself.

In Naples, frying is a PASSION: if it's not fried, it's not good!

We've embraced this passion with unique artisanal recipes. Crocchè, omelettes, croissants, arancini, zeppoline... are just a few of our fried delights that will make your mouth water as you browse the menu.

With the very first bite, you'll be captivated!

We arrived in Waterloo in 2015, initially just for a coffee with an Italian restaurateur friend... and we ended up staying.

First in Waterloo for 3 years, he as the pizzaiolo and she in the kitchen.

Then, we moved to Woluwe Saint-Lambert, but the desire to create our own pizzeria was too strong!

After finding the perfect location, it became a reality in April 2021. A few renovations and months later, the restaurant opened its doors in August 2021!

Noméa: in Italian, it means reputation.

In December 2022, we decided to open a small shop featuring predominantly typical products from the Naples region, but also Italian classics.

A small deli counter was added at the beginning of 2023 and offers fresh pasta, sandwiches with homemade bread from Noméa, lasagnas, meatballs in tomato sauce, cannelloni...

A few wines have gradually joined the party to complement all your dishes.